• Kirsten Fehring

    Creative Content Strategist and Writer/Translator


    German and English Language

    Communication Consultant

  • Do you want to reach out to a new audience with your Website, a good Tweet, Article or Book?


    Are your Facebook pages, Instagram or Twitter accounts still relevant and up to date?


    Let's create and curate your content online, on social media and through external communications


    Tell your story in a global and connected world!


    I will support you in writing or translating that missing webpage, that special article, an all important paper or major speech - in German and English.


  • Specialities

    Content Strategist and Management

    Web Design and Development


    Creating and curating


    Overseeing all content initiatives across multiple platforms and formats


    It is all about keeping your online communication tools fresh, engaging, native and up to date.



    Your voice, my words!


    For your website, blog or twitter, press release, book, article or speech - founded on a personal, creative and confidential business relationship.


    Accomplished  and strategic storytelling.


    The copyright is always yours!




    Passionate about your global community

    German/English, English/German


    I translate, tweak and edit your English/German communication.


    A perfect translation requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter, the target audience and its setting. It is a creative effort and a skilled interpretation of the original.



    Polish, then publish!


    I will edit your written work, improve style and accuracy, proofread and help you move it along on the basis of a thorough content review.



    Let me do the groundwork for you!


    Research and thorough checking of facts and figures, collection of additional background information will give you the depth, the profundity your are after and peace of mind.

  • My Rates


    We discuss and explore the project you have in mind. I will get back to you with a proposal including various options with different rates.


    We establish why, for whom and when, form and estimated size. I will follow up with a proposal, various options and pricing. If you are happy with style and approach, we get to work.

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    Let's explore the possibilities!

  • Work

    Corporate Institutions

    e.g. Credit Suisse, Digital Strategy Agency Mavens of London, Christie's


    Film, Publisher, Journalists and Designer

    TVibe UK, Discovery Asia, Netflix, Rombach Verlag, Chu Associates



    Aurora Orchestra London, Kronberg Academy, Barnes Music Festival, Richmond Performing Arts Festival, Davos Young Artist in Concert, Individual Artists


    Colleges and Schools

    Cologne Music College, Private Girls School, London



    Hans, Corporate Design Consultant, chuassociates.com, London

    Kirsten's expertise, creativity and hard work have been of the greatest value to the company over the years. recently she refreshed our website with great success.


    Dan, Artistic Director


    Thank you for keeping us on track and helping to deliver so well on this project. Your images and overall production were so successful and the book simply could not have been so good without you.


    Sophie, Cellist, London

    Kirsten designs and supports the website and career of an up and coming young musician. Her musical knowledge and European background are invaluable to a border crossing artistic career.

    About me

    Website Design and Social Media: always a creative and exciting challenge!

    Experienced writer, translator and editor, consultant and project manager, lover of language, music and books, with an eye for detail and background -

    fuelled by friendship and coffee!!

  • Recent work and publications

    Website Design and Content Editor

    for International Design Agency


    The brief was to design a website that was easy to navigate on the move, convey a lot of information for international clientele as well as reflect the studios' style and approach.

    Website Design and Content Editor

    for Richmond Performing Arts Festival


    A very dated website needed to be replaced with a younger looking version whilst at the same time making it easy to navigate a vast amount of information. The website had to be designed in a way that will make it very straight forward for the Festival committee to change, dates, performers etc

    Website Design, Content Editor & Social Media

    for the Barnes Music Festival


    The design brief included a brand new website which needs to accommodate an extensive concert programme as well as project management of the hard copy programme. Twitter and Facebook content before and during the 2017 Festival was also covered. The 2018 Festival is now just around the corner!

    Book Project Management for

    Barnes Music Festival

    Composers of Barnes by Eleanor Oldroyd

    March 2016

    www.barnesmusicfestival.com (Publisher)

    ISBN 978-1-5262-0107-2

    What is there in the waters of Barnes that holds such an attraction for artists and music makers? Since George Frideric Handel’s sojourn at Barn Elms in 1713, a succession of leading composers have made the village their home. From Gustav Holst and Herbert Howells to Carl Davis and Roxanna Panufnik, they have raised children and written music to the accompaniment of the birds on the Common, and the ebb and flow of the tidal Thames.

    So have they found inspiration in this greenest of London villages? Or is it mere coincidence that has turned a corner of South West London into a creative hub?

    In this book to mark the 2016 Barnes Music Festival, BBC broadcaster Eleanor Oldroyd has put together informative and often affectionate biographical profiles of eight leading Barnes composers.


    Kultursponsoring -

    Bindeglied zwischen Kunst und Wirtschaft?

    Eine interdisziplinäre und praxisorientierte Analyse

    Art Sponsorship - A Link between Art and Business? An interdisciplinary and praxis-orientated analysis

    ISBN 3-7930-9187-2




     South West London,

    United Kingdom