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    • Currently fundraising for a fab programme, all about A Beautiful Object, aka the harpsichord with Bach Club, including a new work by Heloise Werner. Read more here

    ZAREK Prokofiev Quintet and Salvatore Macchia Trio

    finally released

    ZAREK's special guests for this recording are oboist John Roberts, clarinetist Benjamin Mellefont, Jonathan Stone, violin and Nicholas Bootiman, viola, together with Zarek founder and double bass player Jan Zahourek You find PROGRAMME NOTES and more info at www.zarek.co.uk The Macchia Trio and the Prokofiev Quintet are part of Zarek's CITYSCAPE series of recordings filmed in 2021 at various locations around London. Showcasing an exciting repertoire, some amazing musicianship and London was the aim, we hope you will enjoy the result as much as we loved the process.

    Music of Sactuary and Solidarity

    United Strings of Europe & Sansara Choir

    with music by Caroline Shaw (US), Natalia Tsupryk (Ukraine), Houtaf Khoury (Lebanon) Hildur Gudnadóttir (Iceland) Dietrich Buxtehude (Germany)


    25 November at St Martin in the Fields, London

    social media, programme notes, photos, videos (photo Julian Azkoul USE,and Tom Herring Sansara, ©Nick Rutter)

    • Work has started on a new edition of the popular 'Composers of Barnes' . Working together with such an experienced journalist and broadcaster as Eleanor Oldroyd is always a joy.



    There is a lot of reading, listening, research and travel involved in my line of work; I stumble across many interesting things and ideas I can't just leave behind so I decided to write about them.

    Check it out here 


  • Partners & Projects

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    Creative Partner @ Bach Club
    Project Consultant @ United Strings of Europe
    Creative Partner & Producer @ Zarek
    Project Manager @ Solomon's Knot
    Creative Partner @ Barnes Music Festival
    Project Management @ Echor Music


    Sponsorship Manager Classical Music @Credit Suisse

    Artist Manager @Kronberg Academy

    Sponsorship Consultant @Musikhochschule Köln

    Bach Club
    Zarek with the Consone Quartet

    Programme / website / newsletter design & content samples



    Electr. Press Kit

    Promo video

  • About / Über mich

    Kirsten is a music dramaturgist, producer, and project manager based in the UK. She has worked within the classical music scene since her first job at Credit Suisse CH in the Sponsorship department, happily supporting festivals, ensembles and artists and making things happen. When being involved in curating a programme and working closely with artistic directors behind the scene, she researches, selects, edits, formulates and weaves stories around a concert programme. During her family time Kirsten turned to writing, translating, editing and website design and added these skills to her portfolio. It is the interdisciplinary approach which she loves the most about her work.

    She studied Literature (with an emphasis on music!) and Economics for a Masters degree, writing her thesis about 'Heinrich Heine and Saint Simon'. In her PhD dissertation she focused on Arts Sponsorship.

    She sings in chamber choirs and played the oboe in another life.

    Dr Kirsten Fehring ist freie Musikdramaturgin, Produzentin und Projekt Managerin in Grossbritannien. Nach ihrem erste Job in der Kultursponsoring Abteilung der Credit Suisse wechselte sie die Seiten und arbeitet seitdem mit verschiedene Ensemble, Festivals und Künstler*innen im kuratorischen, organisatorischen und administrativen Bereich.

    Schwerpunkte setzte Kirsten schon immer im Bereich Klassische Musik. Ein interdisziplinärer Ansatz begeistert sie und zeichnet so auch ihre Arbeit im Bereich der Musik aus.

    Ihren Master machte sie an der Universität Freiburg in den Bereichen Literatur (mit Schwerpunkt Musik!) und Wirtschaft mit einer fächerübergreifenden Arbeit zu Heine und dem Saint Simonismus. In ihrer Doktorarbeit beschäftigte sie sich mit Kultursponsoring, der Schnittstelle von Kultur und Wirtschaft, eine praxisbezogene Arbeit, basierend auf Erfahrungen und Untersuchungen während ihrer Zeit in der Kultursponsoring Abteilung der Credit Suisse, Zürich. Ihre Oboe hat sie in den letzten Jahren extrem vernachlässigt.

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    London UK, Frankfurt DE, Klosters CH


    a newsletter all about looking behind the scene of classical music and related topics, with the odd date for your diary.

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