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    Fresh focus - same approach: Zarek has a new calling card:

    website design, content + trio photos

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    Continuo Foundation

    Strategy and Communication /

    Community Relations for Continuo Connect


    + developing and working on website and newsletter, playlist and spreading the word, connecting with the Early Music community around the country

    Composer of Barnes book

    Composers of Barnes

    2nd edition

    Project Management


    out now




    United Strings of Europe on stage

    Strategy, Communication and Project Management


    2022 - 2024

    Zarek trio poster


    Strategy and Project Management


    + website design, content, dramaturgy, communication and more

    since 2021


    Harpsichord concert poster

    a beautiful object


    Connecting an ensemble with composer: Heloise Werner a beautiful object - commissioned for harpsichord and small ensemble


    Research, notes, planning and project management around this new work was special . Programme notes

    Kirsten Fehring substack newsletter
    Apart from supporting and observing a lively music scene on the UK island and beyond, my work also involves quite a bit of reading and research and I love to share this eclectic mix.
  • About / Über mich

    Kirsten is a music dramaturgist and producer based in the UK.

    She has worked within the classical music scene since her first job at Credit Suisse CH in the Sponsorship department, happily supporting festivals, ensembles and artists and making things happen. Developing creative strategies and an interdisciplinary approach are her trademark.


    Amongst her past and present clients and collaborators are Kronberg Academy, Echor Music, Rombach Publishing, Cologne Music College, Baroque Ensemble Solomon's Knot, United Strings of Europe, Barnes Music Festival, Bach Club and Continuo Foundation / Continuo Connect.


    During her family time Kirsten turned to writing, translating, editing and website design and added these skills to her portfolio. It is the interdisciplinary approach which she loves the most about her work.


    She studied Literature (with an emphasis on music!) and Economics for a Masters degree. In her PhD dissertation she focused on Arts Sponsorship.


    She sings in chamber choirs and played the oboe in another life.


    Dr Kirsten Fehring ist freie Musikdramaturgin, Produzentin und Projekt Managerin in Grossbritannien. Kreative Strategien und ein interdisziplinärer Ansatz begeistern sie und zeichnen so auch ihre Arbeit im Bereich der Musik aus.


    Nach ihrem erste Job in der Kultursponsoring Abteilung der Credit Suisse wechselte sie die Seiten und arbeitet seitdem mit verschiedene Ensemble, Festivals und Künstler*innen im kuratorischen, organisatorischen und administrativen Bereich:


    u.a Kronberg Academy, Echor Music, Rombach Publishing, Köln Musikhochschule, Barock Ensemble Solomon's Knot, United Strings of Europe, Barnes Music Festival, Bach Club und Continuo Foundation.


    Ihren Master machte sie an der Universität Freiburg in den Bereichen Literatur (mit Schwerpunkt Musik!) und Wirtschaft. In ihrer Doktorarbeit beschäftigte sie sich mit Kultursponsoring, der Schnittstelle von Kultur und Wirtschaft. Ihre Oboe hat sie in den letzten Jahren extrem vernachlässigt, dafür singt sie nun öfter in Kammerchören.

    Kirsten Fehring portrait
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    a monthly letter which is all about looking behind the scene of classical music and related topics, with the odd date for your diary